As a car owner, you definitely know the convenience of towing partners such as Tallahassee towing partners in road safety. Every day, they put their lives into danger just to help stranded motorists. This keeps roadways free from disabled vehicles. They can’t move because of various reasons like engine trouble, flat tires, or empty fuel tank. Unable to remove them can be major causes of road accidents.

Another reason that towing partners exist is illegal parking done by ill-mannered motorists. These service providers remove cars because of obvious reasons. Some motorists regard an open space as an immediate haven for their vehicles (which is not always the case). Moreover, some motorists tend to park on national roads. This can really be a traffic obstruction. We thank the towers for removing them

What seemed to be a noble job of ensuring road readiness has been infiltrated by con artists. These opportunists are like hunters who prey for cars and tow them away illegally. Do not be victimized by this modus operandi. Empower yourself by remembering these guidelines on proper towing of your private partners.

1. Know unconditional release.

You immediately demand this release when your car is being towed by their truck, and yet the truck is not on a public road. Furthermore, control yourself from presenting your driver’s license if the will ask one from you.

2. Be wary of the ten-mile rule.

The reason for towing may be valid, but it will be illegal for towing partners to take your car beyond ten (10) miles from its original location. Contact your local traffic management agency should this happen.

3. Towing partners must create a warning post for properties that shouldn’t be parked.

Prior to the poster, a tower must secure a letter of consent from the property owner herself/himself. The owners must have the letter an hour before calling the tow.

The sign should have a minimum dimension of 17 inches x 22 inches to be displayed in all entrances of the property. The point of this poster is to prohibit parking in this area. Numbers and names of the local traffic management agency and towing partner must be present. If there are still vehicles despite the notice, they will be removed without prior notice.

4. Towing partners must possess a valid motor carrier permit.

Not having the permit to operate can mean these things: the towing partner do not have proper training acknowledged by state (Red flag alert- they do not know a thing or two about honest vehicle towing); and they can’t provide financial trail because they are out in the hiding, preying on innocent car owners.

The responsibility of this permit includes writing of records and taking of photographs for each towed car. These processes are made due to the safety of the car and the enforcement of the law.

5. Credit card transaction of towing partners marks legitimacy.

When it comes to payment, request your partners if they accept credit cards. Reliable towing partners underwent a rigid process to allow them to offer credit card transaction with their clients. Questionable towers won’t be able to achieve this.